Homework Due 4/18 and 4/19

If you haven’t scheduled your annual testing, consider the Peabody Individual Achievement Test.  It is administered individually, takes about an hour, and scores are available immediately after testing. Contact WEST for scheduling at WEST.  If testing at WEST doesn’t work for you, let me know and we can schedule outside of WEST.

If you need to turn in work after April 19, here are some options:
I’ll be at WEST Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, April 25-27.  Drop off your work then.  Look for a box in the hall with my name on it. You may also scan and email, or snail mail your work to me.  No work will be accepted after May 31.

In math classes on 4/18 and 4/19, each class will have a final exam. It’s part trivia and fun, part spelling (math words), and part math.


Math for the Middle Grades – In class we played with polygons, protractors, and patterns!  Try to finish lesson 88.  That’s it.

Math 76 – lesson 116.  Any problems in that are from lesson 115 are optional.  Continue working on tests.

Algebra 1/2 – lessons 121-123 and tests.

Algebra 1 – lessons 118-120, tests.

Algebra 2 – lesson 122, tests.

Personal Finance – review!  We’ll have a final exam in class on Wednesday.  Your activities for chapter 12 have been emailed. Another option for chapter 12 homework is to listen to a series of messages by Andy Stanley. Click here to access the messages:  Your Move.  Or download the Your Move app and listen on your phone or tablet.  Pick any series, or single message, that has something to do with money, listen, write at least half a page of response.  Be sure to include the name of the message or series.  Some suggestions: “What Makes You Happy”, “See the World”, “Crazy Like Us”, and “Breathing Room”.

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