Homework Due 4/11 and 4/12

Planning for fall?  Let me know if you would like my input on which math class might be a good fit for your child for next year.  Also, if Personal Finance and/or Geometry are in your plans for 2017-18, it’s a good time to buy the books.  Both classes use consumable worktexts.  Here are the links:

Geometry:  https://www.aop.com/curriculum/shop-lifepac/geometry-set  This link is to the 10 Lifepac set plus teacher’s guide.  The teacher’s guide is required for the class.

If you already have the teacher’s guide, here’s the link to the set of 10 Lifepacs:  https://www.aop.com/curriculum/shop-lifepac/geometry-10-unit-set

Personal Finance:  https://www.daveramsey.com/store/kids-teens/home-school/foundations-homeschool-student-text/prodFOUHOMESTUTEXT.html

Next, this week’s homework:

Math for the Middle Grades – Lesson 90 and Homework 28.

Math 76 – Lesson 112, all the problems.  Be sure to complete the next test this week.

Algebra 1/2 – Lessons 118-120.  Tests 24, 26, and 28 are due by 4/18.

Algebra 1 – Lessons 113-115 practice and odds.  Lesson 119:12-14. Work each problem twice, once using the quadratic formula and once by completing the square.  Keep working on tests.

Algebra 2 – Lesson 120 practice and odds, read Lessons 123 –  128. Keep working on tests.

Personal Finance – Your activities have been emailed.  Also, begin a list of your achievements, at least one per year for the past four or five years, as part of preparing to make a résumé.

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