Finishing Well

With only a few weeks left of classes at WEST, I’m thinking about how to finish well.  The first few weeks of a new school year seem strong, powerful, and effective.  A lot of energy is generated and used in starting a new thing.  I want the end of the year to feel like that.  The end of the year has the potential to be as productive as the beginning.  Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:

The big picture, the goal, has to be in front of me.  I need to know what I’m working toward and how to know when I’ve finished. The finish line is not just a date.  It might not be a date at all.  The finish line is when I’m done with the work.

The goal is achieved by making many small choices. Sometimes there are many decisions in a day that could have a cumulative effect on whether or not I reach the finish line.

Patient endurance is key.  The initial excitement got me going, but patiently looking toward the goal and enduring through occasional, or sometimes frequent, discouragement will get me to the goal.

Sometimes I’ll need help from others.  It’s much better to ask for help than to miss the opportunity to achieve.

How can you finish well?  How can you keep the big picture in mind, make small choices, patiently endure, and ask for help today?

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