Daylight Saving Time

We were so proud of ourselves!  We had managed to corral many children, get everyone ready to go, and arrive at church well before the service started.  After parking the car, we walked through the pedestrian-free parking lot thinking we were so early the previous service hadn’t ended.  The elevator ride ended with the doors opening onto the middle of the church service for which we thought we were early.  Before the doors completely opened, I pushed the button to return to the parking lot level.  As soon as the doors closed we whispered “Daylight Saving Time” and started laughing.  Having been defeated by the “spring forward” we went home.

This post is going to end up a lot like my last Monday post. Here’s an opportunity for research and learning:  Daylight Saving Time (DST) is an idea with a long and checkered past.  Follow the link below for an introduction to the history of DST, the pros and cons of DST, and the confusion it can cause.  It’s a great summary and could definitely be a jumping off point for further research.  Click here:

Brief History of Daylight Saving Time

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