Be Prepared

Classes start soon!  Be prepared!

Besides packing your backpack with lovely new supplies and books, packing your lunch, and picking the perfect outfit for the unpredictable Minnesota weather, please pray for a great year of learning.

NOTE:  Supply lists can be found on the WEST website.product-30xa-feature-image

Students in Math for the Middle Grades should simply show up for class.  If you have your Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator bring it.  This calculator, shown here, is the only calculator students will need for all of my WEST math classes.  It is widely available and costs $10-14.

Students in Math 76, Algebra 1/2, and Algebra 1 should be sure to have all the items on the supply list.  Students in these classes must read lessons 1-5 before the first class.  Just read through the lessons.  There might be a lot of review in those lessons.  Watch for unfamiliar concepts or concepts presented in new ways. We’ll go over the information and concepts in class, but having an introduction before class will make learning easier.

Besides bringing all items on the supply list, and reading lessons 1-5, Algebra 2 students must complete lessons A and B before our first class.  Read through a lesson, complete the practice problems, complete the odd numbered problems in the problem set, score your work, and correct any errors.  Email me with questions.  Then follow the same steps for the other lesson. Be prepared to turn in lessons A and B at our first meeting.  .

Geometry students should read LifePac 1.  There might be lots of familiar information, and there might be some new information.  You don’t need to completely understand the concepts.  Just read it.  Try reading a few pages a day, or try doing a dramatic reading of the lessons.  If you need an audience read to your dog or teddy bear.  For our first meeting you will need only Unit 1.  You may leave the rest at home.

For all classes, the practice of reading the lessons before class is required all year.  Reading the lessons before class helps students become familiar with new terms when they have time to think about them and look up meanings if necessary.  During class new terms will be reinforced.  Pre-reading is also an opportunity to form questions about the material, participate in classroom discussions more easily, and be prepared for a pop quiz.

The following is a suggestion, not a requirement:  Try reading the lessons before and after class.  Once the concepts in the lessons are explained in class the text will be easier to understand.  Also, reading the lessons after class is an opportunity to fill in details that might have been missed in class.

[Happy Labor Day!  No post on Monday, 9/5.]


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  1. Dawn Goodnough

    Thank you Jan for the suggestions. Our family will work on it this weekend. I also wanted to mention that due to an Office Depot mixup I have two brand new, in package, calculators to sell for $10. If a family doesn’t have one yet and needs one can they post here? We can bring them with your name on them on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 🙂


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