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Homework Due 4/4 and 4/5

Math for the Middle Grades – Lessons 85 and 86, homework 27.  We started lesson 87 in class and we’ll continue to work on it in class next week.

Math 76 – Lessons 108-111 practice and odds, Test 20.

Algebra 1/2 – Lessons 115-117, practice and odds.

Algebra 1 – Lessons 110-112, practice and odds; lessons 118-119, practice and problems 8-11 all.

Algebra 2 – Lessons 116-119, practice and odds.

Personal Finance – your activities have been emailed to you.  Start reviewing for the final exam which will be given in class on the last day of class.

Homework Due 3/28 and 3/29

Just a few weeks left!  As we approach the end of our math books, there will be a few lessons that are more complex.  A little extra effort will pay off in greater understanding!  It’s time to renew your commitment to the practices of successful students:  get to class on time (3-5 minutes early), have supplies ready to use, pay attention in class, take notes, start homework as soon as possible, contact the teacher with questions frequently.

Math for the Middle Grades – This is a change from the syllabus!
Lessons 83-84 and continue working on Homework 27.  If you have finished Homework 27, check your work.  Homework 28 will be optional.

Math 76 – Lessons 104-107 evens.  Any problems that don’t have answers in the key may be skipped.  Check to see if you are missing any tests.  This semester the following tests were are assigned: 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, and 22.  Test 26 is on the syllabus, but we have moved at a more reasonable pace through the book, so we’ll skip that one.

Algebra 1/2 – Lessons 112-114.  Check to see if you are missing any tests.

Algebra 1 – Lessons 107-109.  Check to see if you are missing any tests.

Algebra 2 – Lessons 112-115 and test 24.  Check to see you are missing any tests.

Personal Finance – Your activities have been emailed.

Finishing Well

With only a few weeks left of classes at WEST, I’m thinking about how to finish well.  The first few weeks of a new school year seem strong, powerful, and effective.  A lot of energy is generated and used in starting a new thing.  I want the end of the year to feel like that.  The end of the year has the potential to be as productive as the beginning.  Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about:

The big picture, the goal, has to be in front of me.  I need to know what I’m working toward and how to know when I’ve finished. The finish line is not just a date.  It might not be a date at all.  The finish line is when I’m done with the work.

The goal is achieved by making many small choices. Sometimes there are many decisions in a day that could have a cumulative effect on whether or not I reach the finish line.

Patient endurance is key.  The initial excitement got me going, but patiently looking toward the goal and enduring through occasional, or sometimes frequent, discouragement will get me to the goal.

Sometimes I’ll need help from others.  It’s much better to ask for help than to miss the opportunity to achieve.

How can you finish well?  How can you keep the big picture in mind, make small choices, patiently endure, and ask for help today?

Homework Due 3/21 and 3/22

There are just a few weeks of WEST classes left.  Let’s finish well!

And the winners are

Math for the Middle Grades – Mia T.
Math 76 – blank ticket
Algebra 1/2 – Ben
Algebra 1 – Jerilynn
Algebra 2 – Lilly

Email me at to claim your prize!

On to homework!

MMG – lesson 79-81 and homework number 26.

Math 76 – lessons 104-106.   Also, read lessons 107-108.

Algebra 1/2 – lessons 108-111 and test 24.

Algebra 1 – lessons 103-106

Algebra 2 – lessons 108-111 and test 24.

Personal Finance – your activities have been emailed to you.  Also, you are encouraged to do some research on different ways to invest for retirement.




Homework Due 3/14 and 3/15

Wednesday was an interesting day at WEST for a few of us.  There was no power in one of our classrooms, so some math classes met in rooms some of us didn’t even know existed.  I’m going to blame this for my forgetting to collect everyone’s tickets!  We’ll try again next week!

Pi Day is March 14.  Celebrate!  A Google search will give you more ideas than anyone needs.  Be creative, document your celebration, and get extra credit!

Math for the Middle Grades – homework 25 and lessons 76-78.

Math 76 – If you haven’t done test 17 yet, it has become optional. For next week do the following:  Test 18.  Lessons 99, 101-103, practice and odds.  For lesson 100, complete the project described in the book, or any other project that demonstrated the relationship between diameter and circumference of a circle.  Turn in documentation of your project.

Algebra 1/2 – Lessons 104-107.

Algebra 1 – Lessons 100-102 and test 22.  We have also started working with the quadratic formula in class.

Algebra 2 – Lessons 104-107.  Remember to look up “British Factoring Method” if you need help factoring trinomials with a non-unity lead coefficient.

Personal Finance – Your homework has been emailed.

Homework Due 3/7 and 3/8

Go to to check on your student’s progress.  The final percentage might include assignments your child has not turned in and will be lower than your student’s actual grade.  Focus on whether or not everything has been turned in.  Saxon students should prioritize completing the current week’s lessons.  Saxon students should also complete any missing tests in the order they were assigned.

Math for the Middle Grades – Lessons 73-75 and homework 24.

Math 76 – Lessons 94-98 and test 17.

Algebra 1/2 and Algebra 2 – Lessons 100-103 and test 22.

Algebra 1 – Lessons 96-99.

Personal Finance – homework has been emailed.  Please skim through all the documents even if you aren’t planning on completing all of them.  If you want to do more than what you’ve signed up for, go for it!